August 2022 Newsletter

Greetings from the Town of Pageland!

We hope that everyone has had a great summer.  It has been a busy one for the Town of Pageland, and we’d like to update everyone on various activities happening around town.

During the summer of 2022, several events were held in Pageland that were attended by many citizens and visitors.  A very successful Watermelon Festival occurred in late July. Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce for planning this annual event.  In early August, a Back-to-School Block Party was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Pageland.  The Central Eagle football team and coaches helped by handing out school supplies to children in attendance.  Later in August, the Town partnered with Duke Energy and Project First to host a Back-to-School Skating Party. Backpacks and school supplies were also given out at this event.

THANK YOU to the Citizens of Pageland, the Pageland Chamber of Commerce, the Pageland Garden Club, and the Town of Pageland for the downtown clock repairs.  It is wonderful to have the clock working again.  Landscaping around the bottom of the clock will follow soon.

Town Staff

A new Clerk/Treasurer was hired.  Kelly Tarlton replaced the newly retired Linda Long, and the town is very happy to have her on board.

A new Public Works Director, Stewart Johnson, was hired, along with several new Public Works employees.  The Public Works crew has been busy learning trash routes and getting limbs and leaves cleaned up. They do a great job of maintaining the town of Pageland.


The Pageland Airport Apron Project will be starting in September. This will create a parking/tie-down area for airplanes.

Parks & Recreation

  • Fall sports (football, soccer, and cheerleading) all had very good participation.  Sign-ups were completed Aug. 19. Winter sports will follow later this year. 
  • The new football field at Conbraco Park was completed.
  • The bathroom at Conbraco Park was renovated and the picnic shelter and tables were repainted.  The Chamber of Commerce organized the project with help from Central FFA, Albertson’s, and other volunteers with funding provided by the Town of Pageland. 
  • A Parks & Rec Master Plan is in its beginning stages and an advisory committee has been named. 
  • We are also very pleased to announce that the Town was able to pay off the bond on the Community Center in early June. This saved the Town approximately 20 years of payments with a savings of approximately $400,000.

Other items addressed by Town Council

  • The Crepe Myrtle stumps were removed from the downtown area.
  • The Rural Infrastructure Authority Grant has been closed out. This provided funding for our wastewater treatment plant project.
  • The pump station for KA Mfg. has been completed and they are making great progress on their building project.  We are excited for them to become operational in the near future.
  • There have been many concerns regarding the lack of fire hydrants at the Amberly II subdivision and we are happy to announce that four have been installed, bringing the total to five fire hydrants.
  • An Impact Fee Study is in progress. This will address municipal fees charged to developers for new construction.
  • South Pointe School was annexed into the city limits. A fire hydrant will be installed nearby, soon.
  • In the month of June, the Town of Pageland accepted $1,000,000 in grants.
  • The Police Department purchased two drones to assist with law enforcement using grant money provided by Duke Energy.