Facility Rentals

The Town of Pageland Recreation Department manages the usage of the Community Center at 1113 West McGregor Street and the Scout Hut (click here for information on Conbraco Park, Pigg Park, and Moore’s Park rentals).

Note: The Town of Pageland will have first priority of all facilities and reserves the right to cancel any event due to circumstances beyond its control.

Download Facility Reservation Information and Application (PDF format)

The Community Center can be rented for five hour increments (this includes set-up and clean up time).  Additional time may be purchased.  Hours of operation are 8:00am to 11:00pm.  Classrooms are rented in two hour increments.  The Scout hut can be rented for an initial two hours and then in hour additional increments.

FacilityDepositNon-ProfitProfitAdditional Hours
Community Center (5 hours)$100$375$500$20 per hour
Classroom (2 hours)$50$75$100$25 per 2 hours
Scout Hut (2 hours)$50$75$100$10 per hour

After the rental event, the renter is required to clean the gymnasium and kitchen. Floors must be swept and mopped, all litter picked up, and trash removed from the premises. Malicious damage or removal of Town property will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted. The inspection of the facility will be conducted by an employee on duty. The renter’s failure to abide with the rules and regulations will immediately forfeit the deposit with the Department and future rentals will not be allowed. Further, the Town reserves the right to recover monetary damages from the renter in the event there is damage which exceeds the deposit. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises. As public property, Open Container laws apply and violators will be arrested.

For some functions the Recreation Department requires that an off duty police officer or person acceptable to the department be retained by the renter. The security personnel needs to fully understand their responsibility includes inside, outside, and the adjoining parking area. Contact the Pageland Police Department at (843) 6n-6437.

The facilities are not reserved until the deposit is paid. Failure to notify the department in writing of cancellation of your event thirty (30) days prior to your event will result in loss of your deposit. The entire amount must be paid two weeks prior to the event.

Long-term Usage
Long-term usage or extensive hours will be negotiated with the Parks and Recreation Director.

Basketball Nights
The basketball area may be rented if available in two (2) hour increments at the rate of$40.00 per two (2) hours for basketball only. This rental is only available on Monday and Tuesday nights if the Director is available and no Town activities are scheduled.