Public Bids

The items listed on this page are items that are listed by the Town of Pageland for public bid based on the Town’s Procurement Policy.

Any items that are listed below will have specific information on bid dates and time the we will stop accepting bids. Once the time has passed, the Town will not accept additional bids unless there are no other bids or Town Council declares a “No Award” and directs it to be rebid. Please read every item carefully and call Town Hall at 843-672-7292 if you have a question about an item out for bid.

Sewer Reconnection

The Town of Pageland is accepting bids for reconnecting sewer line due to recent pipe bursting at CT Dress Wear. The sewer line connection is located under a concrete floor in the building. The bid will include covering the owners’ items, cutting the concrete, hand digging to the sewer line, making the connection, bringing in fill material as needed, refilling and leveling new concrete, replace flooring and leaving the interior of the building in the condition it was in before the start of the job. All bids should be delivered, mailed, or emailed. Address: Pageland Town Hall at 307 E. McGregor St., Pageland SC 29728. Email address for Bids: [email protected] . Bid opening will be at 2 PM on March 7, 2023. Worker’s Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and appropriate Contractors License required.