Park Rentals

The Town of Pageland Recreation Department manages the usage of Conbraco Park, Moore’s Park, and Pigg Park (click here for information on Community Center and Scout Hut rentals).

Note: The Town of Pageland will have first priority of all facilities and reserves the right to cancel any event due to circumtstances beyond its control.

Download Park Reservation Information and Application (PDF format)

Park FacilityDepositHourly RateDaily Rate
Moore’s Park Playground Area$25$10 (2 hour minimum)$30
Moore’s Park Gazebo$25$10 (2 hour minimum)$30
The following rates apply to Conbraco Park and Pigg Park:
Ballfield$30$10 (2 hour minimum)$120
Ballfied with Lights (or fraction)$30$20 (2 hour minimum)$120*
Playground Area$25$10 (2 hour minimum) 
Picnic Area$25$10 (2 hour minimum) 
* up to three hours of lights   

Rules and Notes

The areas will be inspected after the activity ends. All trash must be removed and placed in trash receptacles or dumpster. If the area rented is properly cleaned, the deposit will be refunded.

– All facilities must be reserved for usage.
– All usage shall require payment.
– The fee must be paid before a facility can be reserved.
– No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
– No motor vehicles are allowed except in designated parking areas (town vehicles and maintenance equipment are excluded from this provision).
– No ATVs, go carts, dirt bikes, or motorized scooters are allowed on the park site.
– All fees must be paid in advance.
– All activities will take place between 7:00A.M. and 10:00 P.M. Any exceptions must be approved by the recreation director.
– Lights must be turned off at the end of the activity if used.
– The sponsoring individual or group will be responsible for any damage to facilities.
– Certain activities may require security personnel. When this necessity is determined, the security personnel must be approved by the Police Chief.
– Use designated parking areas only for parking.
– Be respectful of our facilities and patrons.
– Follow all instructions of Town personnel.
– Facilities must be left clean and in the same condition as when the facilities were entered.
– Excess trash must be taken to the park dumpster.
– At no time will facilities be rented to an individual or group when the rental will disrupt any scheduled activities previously established by the Pageland Recreation Department.
– All activities must be conducted in a safe and orderly manner.

The following usages will be negotiated with the recreation department:

– Long term usage
– Use of entire Park
– Use by industry, co-ops, and schools.

All applications and activities are subject to the approval of the recreation director or in his absence the Town Administrator.