Sanitation Fees

Sanitation Fees

The following rates apply to sanitation and disposal (per month):

Class 1 – In Town$17.00/month for each 95-gallon roll out cart
Class 1 – Out of Town$25.50/month for each 95-gallon roll out cart
Class 2$3.30 per cubic yard per pickup

The Town reserves the right to bill apartment complexes and multifamily dwellings on a per apartment or per dwelling basis to charge fees per month based on Class 1 or Class 2, whichever is in the Town’s best interest.

Only garbage placed in a plastic bag which is securely tied and then placed inside the rollout cart shall be collected. Each occupant/user shall place his garbage for collection at the proper time in the proper manner near the sidewalk or highway in front of residence.

Roll out carts shall be left at the curbside for no more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled collection time or 24 hours after the scheduled collection time. Other than the day of collection, carts shall be stored beside or behind the customer’s home. Violation of this ordinance shall be punishable by a written warning for the first offense, $25.00 fine for the second offense, $50.00 for a third offense and any other subsequent offenses in the same calendar year.

Dumpster Rentals

The following rates apply to dumpster rentals (per month):

4 Yard$18.50
6 Yard$21.00
8 Yard$25.00

Pick-ups are billed at $3.30 per cubic yard.

To start sanitation service contact Pageland Town Hall at 843-672-7292